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Psychology-backed app for medical students

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As a valued partner of MedBrane, we at Cognitus are excited to introduce you to an innovative mobile app that will revolutionize the way medical students learn and retain information. Our team of expert psychologists has collaborated closely with MedBrane to optimize the app for the best user experience and to effectively track learning outcomes.

MedBrane is a groundbreaking mobile app designed exclusively for medical students, offering them a comprehensive, engaging, and personalized learning experience. Our psychology experts have employed cutting-edge cognitive science principles to ensure that the app’s content and delivery methods facilitate maximum knowledge retention and practical application.


Uniting Medical Minds

Discover the MedBrane Community, an exclusive forum connecting medical students worldwide. Share resources, seek expert guidance, and engage in discussions to enhance learning and collaboration in the medical field. Join today and elevate your educational experience!

Exam Simulations

Ace med school exams with targeted prep and support.

Detailed Explanations

Cover subjects via chapter-wise exercises.

Tracking & Progress

Monitor scores & identify areas needing more focus.

Forum: Give & Get Help​

Engage in MedBrane forum for mutual student support.

Save Questions

Mark & save questions to revisit in your favorites list.

Earn Achievements

Pass subject exams to earn achievements.


Test your knowledge & gear up for your next exam!

Boost your confidence by testing your knowledge with MedBrane, and be fully prepared to ace your next medical exam. Master the content and excel!

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